Welcome to SoundBytez

This afternoon as I was driving home listening to a very odd, yet entertaining sound byte of Neal Cassady spewing his rap of another world at a thousand miles an hour and I realized that this is the perfect thing for a new podcast.

I realized that I have started a relatively small collection of interesting spoken words sound files. And as I spend more and more time looking for things of interest I realize it would be pretty cool to share this stuff. In small doses.

One of the reason I have faith in Podcasts is that I believe there is a real desire to have unique content delivered with the ease of dialing a radio station ranging from the likes of garage made indie rock to conversant Macintosh operating system tech support.

So I decided to start a podcast containing odd, off-beat, hard to find, out of print or otherwise iconoclastic spoken word sound clips from figures ranging from Jerry Garcia to Orson Welles.

I will rely on the listeners to tell me what they like, dislike, want more of, less of or where to look for other sound files of interest.

The internet has brought many things to our doorsteps, but right now, at this moment in time it has brought an awful lot of soundbytez to my doorstep.

Thanks, keep coming back.


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