Episode Six: Dave Rabbit

Dave Rabbit is the creator and DJ of a pirate radio station that broadcast from Saigon in 1970 and 1971.

I first heard excerpts from "Radio First Termers" through a friend who had a cassette that was given to him by another friend who served time in the war.

I listened to the tape only once, and for 20 years I never forgot it. As far as I am concerned it is as close to combat as I ever want to get. It is scary and intense and fearful and sad and many other things, to me.

When I started this podcast, "Radio First Termers" was the one thing I thought about putting into SoundBytze. I opted not to start my program using the material because I didn't want to set the stage and make it an impossible act to follow.

Of course my experience may not be yours and also I think hearing just these few excepts further disconnects the horror I find in in the message.

Here is the inexplicably bizarre part of episode five. Just before uploading the show I did one last google on "who is Dave Rabbit" and came up with an article that came out five days ago written by the man himself. 35 years in hiding, no one has ever known his identity, I wait until right now to put my little sound byte out there and low and behold, Dave Rabbit lives!

Go figure.

(2009 Update: If you enjoyed this episode, your gonna go nuts over the Radio First Termer Restoration page I  finished a while back)

Dave Rabbit
Radio First Termer
Saigon, Vietnam

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