Episode Four: Johnny Cash

I must say I love the man in black.

I am one of the many who had no idea how great Johnny Cash was until the always fascinating producer Rick Rubin put him back on the charts with the "American Recording" series starting in, oh some time about 10 years ago.

I never had a chance to see him perform and it was not until I started re-listening to all the Rick Rubin produced material, and downloading and listening to all the available interviews from NPR upon seeing the new bio-pic that I realized just how much I think this legend still rules.

I think the film is amazing, a rare and challenging look at habitual love and drug use. I was also really moved by how the filmmaker decided to be brave enough and to let the music play it's own worth, no cutting away after a few introductory bars. And no lip syncing and an amazing performance by Joaquin Phoenix. The whole thing is just very moving.

So I thought I should come out of hibernation and divvy up another episode of SoundBytez.

The Johnny Cash Terri Gross Interview
National Public Radio

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